Theme : Trop de réalité

No more reality

No more reality, 1991 ; Philippe Parreno ; 58 x 89 cm.

HUGO NADEAU, curator in residency

Never before have our personal insignificances, trinkets of identity and small joys known so many forums and chances to expose themselves as today. Everyone is so interesting. Meanwhile, the cultural offer has never been so hyperactive. Career work continues to weigh on the professional artist, resigned to the selection and funding processes. One consents to announce – well in advance – his.her intentions, as one declares the way of a mass protest or asks for a license of alcohol. Artistic preparation (and of course predictability) are required, validated and transformed into contracts. And in the effervescent broth of culture that is mediatized to us, one would swear that it is enough to not be there to see everything, to understand everything anyway, and even in advance.

Subject to the grip of this over-present reality that colonizes our attention, reduce imagination and conditions us absolutely, how to resist our transformation into a wise salesman of ourselves, that is, someone who does only his.her job? Would not it be reassuring to be told that we are all characters in a movie?

This theme, which is more of an attitude than a particular aesthetic, suggests a number of sub-themes:

_ Imagination and dream
_ Artistic fantasms
_ Freedom, self-determination and resistance to normativity
_ Egotism and ideas of greatness
_ The empire of the too much and the complexity
_ Criticism of the virtual
_ Frustrations, constraints in the act of creating
_ Self-deprecation, the ability to be lighter than reality
_ Hoax
_ Etc.

Taking the artistic residency and the exhibition for what they are, an invention of the mind, a moment that is not called to reproduce itself, the chosen artists are invited to play of art as a power of deliberation and self-liberation. They are proposed, at the beginning of their residency, a period of confinement of 60 hours in gallery with the artist-curator. Thereafter, no information on their project will be announced until the time of the opening. This kind of alternative methods of artistic preparation seeks to reconsider creative autonomy and stimulate non-hierarchical complicity, sharing, fomentation and contamination between artist and artist-curator.

For those who seek the assurance of a surprise, who do not want to be accountable, who watch for the right moment, who do not refuse the emptiness, who try to “go out of their own way”, dare to share, follow anti-professionalism or all these answers.




//// Visual, action art and poetry artist, Hugo Nadeau has shown his projects in Canada, United-States, Brazil, England, Poland and China. His works follows a path in which a lot of permanent projects are initiated and maintained, mainly on the Web, serving a conceptual and symbolic view of art practice. Part of these permanent organisations are : H1N1Conspiracy, Model Citizen Project, H. Nadeau Building for Poetry, the HNL (Hugo Nadeau League) and the C.A.C.H.E. (Hugo’s Hidden art center for Eternity). The artist is born in St-Zacharie, Chaudière- Appalaches and works in Montreal. \\\\