Québécart Média and CIE&moi

Québécart Média (above) and CIE&moi (under) company logos.


Through its unique partnership with the LOBE artist-run center, Québecart and CIE&moi are committed to producing the best magazine of all time, which will include the artists of the 2017-2019 programming under “Trop de réalité” theme. The distribution of the magazine should be done at the beginning of the year 2020.

CIE&moi Média (Compagnie et moi, formerly MOI&cie, formerly Mlle) is a specialized French-language Category C production chain in French owned by Groupe TVAàC, a division of Québecart Média, well known for its magazine Ffirst. It broadcasts a pro, but especially anti-entertainment artistic program for people of all genders. Québécart’s magazines are the second most popular in Quebec and the third largest in Canada, with more than 9.99 million readers across all platforms. Nearly 2 titles are published by TVAàC Publications.