Pascale Gorry Bérubé and Maude Veilleux

Trop de Pascale

RESIDENCY Febuary 18 to March 14, 2019
EXHIBITION March 15 to April 5, 2019
BYOD (Bring Your Own Dead) Febuary 22
HUIS-CLOS Febuary 22 to 25, 2019
BYOBF (Bring Your Own Book and Food) March 1st
OPENING March 15, 2019 at 5PM
BYOS (Bring Your Own Self)  March 22

JE ME MANQUE TOUT DU LONG. Un mec à la manque. De MOI je ne peux rien apercevoir. À MA PLACE NEANT… un moi en toc, un trompe-l’oeil… Si j’essaie de me remémorer, je m’invente… JE SUIS UN ETRE FICTIF… Moi, suis orphelin de MOI- MEME.

Serge Doubrovsky, Le livre brisé, 1989

Pascale Gorry Bérubé and Maude Veilleux have been conducting a residency at LE LOBE since mid-febuary for a period of a month. Invited by our curator in residency Hugo Nadeau, the artists/poets/writers explore the curatorial theme “TROP DE RÉALITÉ”.

The opening will take place on March 15 and their exhibition will be visible until April 5, 2019.

About the artists_

PASCALE GORRY BÉRUBÉ is alive, she writes on her body, on the continual reconfiguration of the self, she often takes selfies with red lighting and it gives her a bit the look of a stranger. She collaborated with several collectives and has been published on various platforms. Her Facebook profile is a live performance 24 out of 7 but, not that much.

Pascale’s texts (.pdf, french).


MAUDE VEILLEUX was born in Beauce. She confuses fiction and reality. She has published two collections of poetry: Les choses de l’amour à marde and Last call les murènes, as well as two novels: Le vertige des insectes and Prague. In 2018, she published a fifth book, a Web novel titledfrankie et alex – black lake – super now (, which she will let die gently.

Maude’s videos (Twitch).

NOTE : Videos were progressively dissapearing.