Opening May 10 at midnight
Poetry-fondue at 6PM

RESIDENCY April 15 to may 9, 2019
EXHIBITION May 10 to 31st
HUIS-CLOS April 12 to 15

Je veux me sentir libre
comme quand on roule la nuit
dans une ville inconnue
et que les feux rouges flashent

Marie-Andrée Gill, Chauffer le dehors, 2019

Keeping in mind the show Fuck toute by Catherine Dorion and Mathieu Campagna (where spectators sat in complete darkness) and Rêver l’obscur – Femmes, magie et politique by Starhawk, arkady built her residency with night and darkness as inspirations, places of birth and sacred meetings. As a result, the artist and the curator make the pact to live during the night until the opening, after having locked themselves 60 hours in gallery to tame the incoming darkness. They even established their own temporary time zone (UTC-11). The sun goes down and it is barely 13:37.

Rêver l’obscur, c’est rêver nos peurs. Et en l’occurrence ce qui surgit dans la gêne ou le ricanement, ne serait-ce pas finalement ce qu’on pourrait appeler « peur du peuple »? […] Le peuple est dangereux, ce que montre le démagogue qui sait faire appel aux monstres enfouis. Seule une pédagogie rationnelle, qui le sépare de ses démons, peut constituer ce peuple en cette force d’avenir auquel en appellent ceux et celles qui seront tentés de ricaner.
Lorsque l’on se confronte à cette peur qui se tapit derrière les alternatives indépassables (les grandes disjonctions entre Lumière et Obscurité), il vaut mieux ne pas être seul.

Isabelle Stengers dans la postface de Rêver l’obscur, 1982

In the wake of this residency, we take this opportunity to refer this Trousse d’outils pour les alliées aux luttes autochtones.

About the artist_

Evolving mainly in Tio’tia: ke (Montréal) on Kanien’kehá: ka unceded territory, arkadi lavoie lachapelle’s considers her artistic practice as multi, inter or magic-disciplinary. Whether her work is manifesting in the public space, at a gallery, at conferences, or in the context of clandestine events, the artist cultivates the paradox of the performative gesture; it might be disturbing but it can also feel good. arkadi lavoie lachapelle recently presented Usine à mirage as part of event ORANGE, in Saint-Hyacinthe (curators Isabelle and Marie-Ève Charron). She participates in the organizing of the festival VIVA! Art Action. She has been invited as artist-in-residence and presented her work at various locations in Canada and Europe.

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