LOBE’s mission is to tune with the artist’s needs through their shifting practices by maintaining research/creation. The artist and also its members, the community at the heart of its concerns and actions.

The artist-run centre LOBE develops itself on three complementary axes. Dedicating primary the reception of artists and the dissemination of artistic project realized in residence. Its commitment to promote event-driven practices along with the development of knowledge.

Passing by performances, noise making vernissages else offering a vivid and invigorating setting for discussions and conferences. Safe-space for experimentation, LOBE foster the creative potential of artistic challenges. The notions of the anti-practice, risky projects and approaches are engraved in LOBE’s genetic code.

In accordance with these, our programmation focus on the laboratory effect of residences, on the support of research, experimentation, innovative processes and especially the ones which induce a reflexion on the place and the representation methods of art.

Constantly in line with the moving sands of the new art world. LOBE, vigilant and informed, nourish the craving public, demanding, curious, passionate.

Creation, diffusion and mediation, continuum among artist’s work and the brouhaha of events. Between art, theory and action, the object and the performative, the existence of LOBE is characterized by its audacious unique rhythm.