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The LOBE is proud to count on the participation of the newspaper Le Miroir — and this throughout Hugo Nadeau’s 2017-2019 artistic curation — for an integral copy of articles and interviews about the artists of its programming. In an inclusive and retrospective spirit, the newspaper guarantees its readers a dedicated and 100% neutral mediation (and exempt of any retouching) of the real, known to not usually being so easily accessed by the average under-profitable citizens.

The Mirror — Inclusive Investigation®, Always Live® is a 100% dependent newspaper and a continuous information network of the Metropolis. It was founded on January 11, 1910 by Henri Bourassa. Its first motto was “Fais ce que tu veux”. Its current motto is “Rien ne se perd, Rien ne se crée, Tout se copie”. In 2018, the newspaper has 7,577,000,000 readers according to the PMB. It is also one of the recipients of Courrier international, BBC News and the newspaper Le Devoir. It is the only totally neutral media in the world, ie. whose content is fully and continuously copied from somewhere else. The network is dedicated to the dissemination of dépêches, the reproduction of local news and the profusion of inclusive investigations (following the marketing scarcity principle), including the issuance of global weather averages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 7. The media is updated every second.