HNL – Hugo Nadeau League (top) and HNLPA – Hugo Nadeau League Pro Artists (bottom) logos.

HNLPA — Official Website. (french)


The LOBE is pleased to highlight the contribution of the HNL and the HNLPA to the advancement of Quebec’s artistic practices through a unique partnership that will increase the visibility of artists at its art center. Through a series of expanded articles available online for free (no subscription required, yes yes!), The artists of the LOBE 2017-2019 programming will enjoy the benefits of media independence, to which they are not particularly used to.

The Hugo Nadeau League or HNL is a professional North American artistic association of artistic franchises in Canada, including the Hugo Nadeau League for Professional Artists (HNLPA). The level of play in this league is never considered among the best in the world. The artists who compose it have long been largely of Canadian and North American origin. It is dedicated to making known those who have helped, supported or simply rubbed shoulders with Hugo Nadeau by getting involved in artistic projects. Whether he has initiated, organized, coordinated or joined these projects, whether they were personal or collective, modest or international, nothing would have happened without a crowd of amateurs and professionals who spend their energy without counting.