The LOBE artist-run center develops mainly on three axes: the diffusion of current art projects produced durint residencies, promotion of performative practices and the development of knowledge.

Creation, mediation and diffusion, continuum between the work of artists and the hubbub of events, between art, theory and action, object and performance.

Devoting itself mainly to creative residencies, it is necessary to specify that in order for it to be experienced by the artists at any moment of their career, different generations of creators can benefit either from the the senior artist residency, the regular residence, the long summer residence or the short residences associated with Espace PLATEFORME.

Our programming emphasizes risk taking in artistic practices, experimentation and the laboratory effect generated by residencies. Since residency is a way of life, an episode in the career influencing the practice of an artist, it plays a key role in the evolution of artists’ work. Since our residencies are longer than their related exhibition periods, they show more the result of a creative process and highlight the experience lived in residencies.

The LOBE has a strong interest in performance art. This orientation has, over the years, been translated in many ways. Whether by organizing numerous events, workshops and evenings devoted to performance or by offering a lively and invigorating setting for discussions or conferences with diverse personalities in the field.

The peculiar rhythm that characterizes the LOBE’s life is in fact closely linked to many special and spontaneous (or more regular but unexpected) events that take place there. From art festival to the experiments presented under the banner LOBESCENE, through performances and openings, the events federate a most varied audience, responding to a variety of expectations and curiosities.