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During the curatorial residency Trop de réalité, many pages will be created by Wikipedia contributor Anabellebel on artists in residence at the LOBE. Stakeholder of ART + FEMINISM (, LE LOBE, DARE-DARE and Anabellebel seek to intensify women presence on Wikipedia, both female users creating pages on artists, or users creating pages on women artists.

Anabellebel is an anonymous visual artist and cultural worker who uses a feminine pseudonym in her practice and relationships through feminist preoccupation. This very personal name comes from that of an unborn child who suffered a natural termination of pregnancy in the late 1970s. If this child had lived and chose to bear the name of her mother, she would have carried the name of Anabel Lebel. Anabellebel contributes to the influence of many artists and artists’ centers in a recent series of interventions on the Wikipédia online encyclopedia.